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3 Ways to Emotionally Connect with Customers

by Elizabeth PerkinsMay 20, 2019

Emotions are the driving force behind 50 percent of buying decisions made by consumers. The Small Business Administration says that creating strong emotions can help build a bond between your customers and your business. Every business wants to build a relationship based on positivity after all, positive emotions are essential to an excellent retail experience, plus a loyal customer is more likely to recommend your business that one who is dissatisfied or fails to feel that connection. If you’re ready to strengthen your connection with customers, try these 3 best practices for small businesses.

Demonstrate Empathy.

A very simple way to connect with your customers is to ask them questions, read body language, offer solutions to their problems and pay attention at every point of contact. This is crucial. If your customers don’t feel that you are invested enough in solving their problems, they won’t move into a relationship with your business and will form that bond with another business.

If you think about it, you’ll realize the businesses that repeatedly listen to customers and act on the information they learn build the strongest customer bonds. This is why you should do what you can to demonstrate a level of caring. As simple as it sounds, listening may elevate your business in the consumers’ minds.

Be Authentic.

One of the best tips for budding entrepreneurs is to practice authenticity. Today’s consumers want a brand to connect with them in a human way, so you have to learn how to push your brand’s individuality in a way that does not feel intrusive.

If you fail to stand apart from the competition, your brand will blend in with all of the others. However, when you form authentic relationships you will create greater customer satisfaction. The marketing strategies that are the most effective are founded on a commitment to creating a human connection. Once the connection is in place, and the framework is rapport and trust, the marketing strategies are much more likely to be successful.

Apparel marketing, food and beverage marketing and many other forms of marketing all boil down to the same thing: if you fail to build an emotional connection through authenticity, you will not get noticed in a competitive industry. It is very important that you elevate your business in the consumers’ minds.

Develop the Company’s Personality.

Remember, people want to do business with other people, not the brand or the company. However, people also will do business with the businesses that they believe to have a personality.

A basic way your business can develop a personality that leads to an emotional connection with its customers is through the use of social media. Customers note the tone of each update and the content shared across social platforms. Make sure to leverage social to develop the voice of your business. A well thought out social media strategy has the power to transform your business into a friend. A brand’s connection with its customers’ emotions encourages loyalty and deep bonds. This connection directly affects the growth of the business. Make sure to practice empathy, be authentic and develop the personality of your business and you will emotionally connect with your customers and boost your bottom line.

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